Using Hashtag to Grow Your Business Online

Using Hashtag to Grow Your Business Online

You’ve likely heard of the hashtag. Chances are you’ve been told you should use one or two. What people haven’t told you is why you should do that. Because you don’t know the power of the hashtag, you don’t really bother including them in your tweets, Instagram, Facebook posts, and more. Well, you should and we’re going to look at just why that is. Hashtags are extremely effective in helping your content spread across social media and get views on your blog, post or website.


How Hashtag Works!

When you initially post your content, it will be visible to your social media followers. Yes, your content is public, but people aren’t instantly going to get that content in their newsfeed and it’s not going to be easy to see that content when searching.

Hashtags get your content in front of more eyes. People search for specific phrases and hashtags on social media. Any post with those hashtags in them will come up in the results and that includes yours. It doesn’t matter if they’re a follower of yours or not.

If they like the content you share, they are more likely going to share it with their own followers. They will also become one of your followers to see what else you have to say on the same subject.

This applies on all social media platforms now. Twitter was the first to start it, but Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ all benefit from the use of the tags.


Why do hashtags matter?


Networking. Using hashtags allows you to reach a new audience you might not have interacted with.


Advertising. If people start hashtagging their photos or tweets with something related to your company or a campaign you’re running, their followers will also see this, possibly driving them to your site and, fingers crossed, becoming a new partner or customer.


Building relationships.Click on a hashtag related to your product or industry and you’ll see not only what customers are interested in, but also what they’re saying. You can then start a conversation with these folks, leading to an introduction about your company or a solution to a problem they might be having.


Relevance. By clicking on a hashtag, you’ll find tons of other hashtags with images, and posts that are related. Try it: head to Facebook, search #buynow and you’ll see hundreds of comments, articles, and photos related to the subject. It’s worthwhile to take some time to search for hashtags relevant to your company and industry to see what other products or information comes up.


There are a number of benefits to start adding that # sign to your posts. Does your company use them? Have you tried using hashtags in a marketing campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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