Website Marketing: 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Website Marketing: 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Having a professionally designed website with search engine optimization in mind is a must if you want to differentiate your business. You may have hired an amazing web designer, and your website is phenomenal. What other things are necessary for you to have an impactful online presence, and are you doing them? You may think that your marketing plan is solid and that you are doing everything you should be doing to market your business. There are some common marketing mistakes that businesses often overlook; here are the top five.


1. Neglecting SEO

Many businesses don’t correctly employ the use of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is more than just having a few keywords scattered through your pages. It consists of having your website set up so that all the pieces create a trail of keywords and links that work to your advantage. The best web designers will tie your business brand to everything from your URL to the meta data your site uses.


2. Disregarding The Analytics

All social media, blogs, and most SEO platforms have analytic tools associated with them. From these tools you can discern what types of things your website is doing correctly and in what areas your website could use some work. They can also help you measure where your traffic is coming from. They will show you how many clicks have come from the various different marketing campaigns you have employed. This can help you measure which venues of marketing are actually working for your business.


3. Not Using Social Media Properly

While many businesses use social media, many don’t do it properly. Social media is a way to mingle with your consumers. Another mistake businesses make when using social media is having repetitive information. Your social media pages should give interactive fresh content to your users. This is a great place to have a conversation with your consumers. Talk to them about what they like about your brand, and what could use improvement. It’s also a great way to obtain testimonials for your website. When your web design company places the social media buttons on your website, remember to use them, they are a powerful connection tool.


4. Not Blogging

While social media can go a long way towards helping to build your online presence, blogging will take it to the next step. Having an “about us” section on your website is insufficient to tell every important thing about your brand. Blogging is a way to add brand content, and having more content online is the best way to promote your brand. Make sure your blog content is original and engaging for your target audience. Your web designer can insert hyperlinks between your blog and your website so that the blog drives traffic to your site. Blogging can be an important addition to your marketing plan.


5. Having No Real Marketing Plan

This may seem like a no brainer, but you need a written marketing plan. Like any goal you wish to achieve in life, you need to write down how you intend to draw in your business. Many businesses have an arbitrary use of marketing tools, and this negatively affects their business. Having your brand be established and recognizable is a vital part of a good marketing plan. Have your web designer place logos and brand associations with intent. Write down how you want your brand to be represented and ultimately how you will use marketing to accomplish these goals.

You’ve fought hard to create your brand, don’t let all that hard work be in vain. Optimize your effectiveness online, by avoiding these five marketing blunders. Make sure you have the best web designer working for you, to enhance your web presence. Then sit back and bask in the glory of your marketing effectiveness.

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